“Home delivery” is Yesterday “Top flexibility” is Today!


You may have noticed an unusual system of boxes, placed directly at the entrance of betahaus. You may have even seen (and heard) two guys building it in the Open Design City. The guys are named Nico and Anthony. The secret concept of their epic creation is opened below.

This system of boxes turned out to be the 3d (best and main) prototype of an exchange platform for products and services, a locker system, with the help of which you can pick up or exchange your products or services. This innovation provides access to basically any service you may need to take care of any product you own. You can leave things there to clean them, repair, exchange, resew, give as a gift, etc. You can even just store things there (to leave a gift for your future grandchild is unfortunately still not possible at the moment, but to leave your keys for a friend to pick up in couple of days is definitely an option). Access to all the services is provided via their website ein-fach.de, which is just about to be launched.

All the core construction challenges like prototyping, 3d modeling and development of electronics were solved by Anthony and Nico in the Open Design City.

Guys came up with this idea as solution of their own problems, which they faced in everyday life. For example, dry-cleaning stores close at 6, and you don`t have any possibility to use them if you work full time. The final aim is to provide access to whatever people need 24/7 without making it unaffordably expensive. The final users will basically pay just as much as they would have paid after running to the closest laundry at 5 minutes to 6 p.m. It`s not only cheaper than classical home-delivery, it`s also way more flexible – no appointments, no need to be anywhere at any exact time – everything is just as flexible as it could be to provide top convenience.

einFach is generally an open platform, with no limitations and top compliance regarding the possible ways of using it. At the moment there are no defined limitations regarding the time of storing or anything else, Anthony and Nico would like to stay open as long as possible and as much as possible. It is an open innovation and the idea is to figure out optimal ways of its implementation on certain locations together with the users.

Best of luck to the new rising star!

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