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mendel - 3d Workshop at ODC

For those of you who might have heard or seen the 3D printer in action this week at ODC, or just missed the first part of the 3D design for digital fabrication Workshop Series, here it comes:

The second part of the 3D Design for digital Manufacturing Workshop will take place next week, on
Tuesday, the 22.02.2011 from 20:00 till 23:00+.
this time also with Philip from http://bausteln.de/, Mendel, and the Makerbot

Open Design City, Betahaus
Prinzessinnenstrasse 19–20, Berlin
Workshop 1: 20 January 2011, 7 pm
Workshop 2: 22 February 2011, 8 pm
Workshop 3: tbc

This workshop series aims to acquire some experience with building objects in 3d, modifying them, and preparing them for digital fabrication. The ultimate goal is to be able to prepare files for 3d printing, cnc-cutting and laser-cutting, and PRINT/CNC them!!!

At workshop 2 we will:
- refine the modeling techniques
- 3d model optimization
- get the 3d files ready for 3d printing (normals, watertight meshes)
- export and
- generate gcode, understand what this is
- install and open up ReplicatorG
- test and/or demo ze makerbot

Requirements: for this workshop you will need:
- an idea for an object, already modeled, please within the following dimensions: 80x80x80mm
- a laptop computer with linux, windows or mac installed
- a 3 button mouse
- an ODC Membership, or 10 € for the workshop fee.
- the following programs downloaded and installed on your computer listed at the top of this page (updated, new ones):

Hope to see you there!

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