Emergence of Open Design and Manufacturing

For a cultural plane of reference, for those who wish to familiarise themselves with Open Design, and therefore some of the intrinsic goals and objectives of the city, this article from Michel Bauwens is a great starting point.

"This is not an utopia, but the very necessity for the survival of our planet.
Indeed, we only do two things wrong, and we have to reverse them:
We think that nature is infinite, which is false, and so we practice a pseudo-abundance which destroys the planet. We think that intellectual and cultural goods should be made artificially scarce, thereby crippling the sharing of innovations.   If we can overturn both, i.e. combining a recognition of the real scarcity of physical goods with the real abundance of immaterial goods, we have a new and   sustainable civilization, based on peer to peer principles."

The conclusion below, offers a stark position, but one that I believe is valid, however I believe a world in Beta is the closest we can get to Utopia, as it recognises that all we can ever do is try to improve, there are no absolutes, there is no uniform perfection - in fact such a notion leads to cultural fascism.

Thanks @dominikwind for the link

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