FlashMob: Nacht aus der VogelHaus


Short Version: Flash Mob - Making Birdhouses from Political Campaign Posters starting at 8.30, 20th September. 20.30 @Open Design City (or organise your own details below).

Bring Craft Knives, Scissors and something to get high (i mean chairs and ladders).

Long Version:
For the last months the faces of politicians have haunted the streets, they don't tell us what they stand for or what they represent. They just want our brains to absorb their names.

At the same time, birds, beautiful birds, who bring us song and color to the city, struggle to find a home safe from cats and predators.

But all is not lost. One shared simple action can allow us to reclaim our minds from the blight of political campaigns, and provide our feathered co-inhabitants with a new space to live and thrive.

On the 20th September, at 9pm we will turn the campaign posters into Birdhouses. We hope you can join us or create your own action near you.

Meet us at Open Design City, 19 - 20 Prinzessinenstrasse at 8.30 or set up your own by copying this text and setting your own time, then email me and give details of your meeting point so we can create a map. Bring scissors, craft knives, some pencils and chairs (or ladders if you want to be fancy) if you have them.

Here's the video how to, we'll get a better one closer to the date.

Happy hacking.

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