Kieznetzwerk workshop with Trial&Error goes Pfandtasche! The...

Kieznetzwerk workshop with Trial&Error goes Pfandtasche!

The 17th of December Trial&Error kickstarted the Kieznetzwerk - a platform for practically sharing ideas and workshop concepts - with a Pfandtasche workshop!

People from the neighbourhood were invited to make workshopboxes representing their ideas. On each workshopbox you can sign with your name if you like the idea - and we hope to bring likeminded people togheter. For example a “Raucher-box” was made - representing a possible purifing smoke day by Maria, who has knowledge on schaman methods, as well as a “Backfreude-box” - bringing the idea of a competition for the tastiest cake in the kiez.

Besides the conceptualizing of ideas, there was also the possibility to make the most brightest bags of Neukölln! It proved to be a great day, as a bunch of very energetic kids showed up to make bags in the speed of light! We never ever had such an enthusiastic bag production team before!

The results of the Kieznetzwerk workshop will be presented in an exhibition in the Dritte Raum in January. The workshop boxes will be an interactive part of the opening - as good ideas are for sharing. Some of the bags as well as photos by SNPR and Christophe Valliant will be presented.

See you at the Dritte Raum!

Your Trial&Error Team!

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