Cognitive Cities Conference: Workshops at Open Design City

Rooftop graffiti by K!WA , Berlin. Photo by Loso

We are at a point in time where the paths are set for the future of cities. The Cognitive Cities Conference (#CoCities) aims to bring the vibrant global conversation about the future of cities to Germany. We see CoCities as a platform for exchange and mutual inspiration. We invite urban planners, designers, technology geeks, environmental experts, public officials, urban gardening enthusiasts and cultural influencers to be part of the conversation. We can only make our cities more livable if we work together to improve them.

CoCities is a two-day event: Day 1 is a full-on conference, Day 2 is dedicated to exploring the city through workshops, guided tours and exhibitions.

During day two (27th February 2011) of the  Cognitive Cities Conference there will be several workshops going on at Open Design City:

  • Designing Public Space; Enable Berlin will run a workshop that seeks to explore the ways in which citizens interact with the city by drawing possible futures and co-designing public furniture. For more info about how we do it check our web. Only 20 places are available, book yours in advance: info(at)enableberlin(dot)org
  • SVG2BVG; GRL-Germany will open SVG2BVG to the public, allowing visitors to create stencils and see DIY/Open Source technology in action. SVG2BVG uses custom computer vision software to detect graffiti tags, sends the ensuing shape to a diy laser cutter, and then outputs the tag as a stencil in realtime, creating a bridge from the physical to the digital and back. The stencils are conveniently sized for the television screens in the Berlin U-Bahn system, allowing you to create cheap, non-permanent, light-based graffiti in the comfort of your own transit system. Name-Tag and Lanyard options also supported!
  • Memelab: For the Cognitive Cities Conference, we will link conference locations through GPS, and transform the data into a sonic accompaniment for the participants’ travels to and from the various locations. SoniCity is an ongoing research into creating sonic maps that unfold through time. By tracing paths in this way, the map reflects the complexity and transformation of the city as experienced through flow.

Enable Berlin Session: Starts at 11:00

GRL and Memelab: From 14:00 to 16:00


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