Sewing Mushroom Throwies - Yarn Graffiti Workshop Part 2

Mushroom Throwies

Yarn throwies are small textile objects with magnets which can be thrown to ferro metallic surfaces in and out of reach. This workshop will give you the chance to learn how to sew your own mushroom-shaped yarn throwie. Take it home or well plant it public space as a soft graffiti intervention!

This workshop is a follow-up event to a previous workshop on Yarn Bombing thanks to which the Yarn Throwie was invented!

All required maretials and tools will be provided. Suitable for sewing-beginners as well as advanced textile hackers!

Workshop: September 8th, 7pm - 11pm, Open Design City

Workshop fee: 6 - 9 Euro

Questions? Mail Semi!

Find this event on facebook.

3D Design Workshop - printing in 3D

mendel - 3d Workshop at ODC

For those of you who might have heard or seen the 3D printer in action this week at ODC, or just missed the first part of the 3D design for digital fabrication Workshop Series, here it comes:

The second part of the 3D Design for digital Manufacturing Workshop will take place next week, on
Tuesday, the 22.02.2011 from 20:00 till 23:00+.
this time also with Philip from, Mendel, and the Makerbot

Open Design City, Betahaus
Prinzessinnenstrasse 19–20, Berlin
Workshop 1: 20 January 2011, 7 pm
Workshop 2: 22 February 2011, 8 pm
Workshop 3: tbc

This workshop series aims to acquire some experience with building objects in 3d, modifying them, and preparing them for digital fabrication. The ultimate goal is to be able to prepare files for 3d printing, cnc-cutting and laser-cutting, and PRINT/CNC them!!!

At workshop 2 we will:
- refine the modeling techniques
- 3d model optimization
- get the 3d files ready for 3d printing (normals, watertight meshes)
- export and
- generate gcode, understand what this is
- install and open up ReplicatorG
- test and/or demo ze makerbot

Requirements: for this workshop you will need:
- an idea for an object, already modeled, please within the following dimensions: 80x80x80mm
- a laptop computer with linux, windows or mac installed
- a 3 button mouse
- an ODC Membership, or 10 € for the workshop fee.
- the following programs downloaded and installed on your computer listed at the top of this page (updated, new ones):

Hope to see you there!

basic sewing - the output

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Last weeks ODC Basic sewing workshop was fun and quite successfully completed. All participants managed to operate one of the three present sewing machines and produced a little gadget sleeve each.

Two hours time for the session were just sufficient to choose from a selection of fabrics, make the pattern, getting to know the characteristics of a sewing machine, overcoming frustration due to initial resistance of it towards their new operators and finally to hold in one hands the shining result! Unfortunately there was no time to take pictures for the documentation of this engaging process. All visual proof we can deliver are the pictures of two outcomes above this post, taken in the last minute.

As requested during this session there might be an ODC Basic workshop introducing to knitting soon. Would anyone else be interested in that? Furthermore there will be the chance to deepen your sewing skills at the ODC any time, using the ODC sewing machine. I will be happy to assist if I happen to be around!

Best! Semi

The International Festival For Creators - Open Call For Collaboration


Collaborative international event Aiming to present a festival combining physical and online participation
With: Artists, Philosophers, Designers, Institutions – various strata of society participating together.

Our objectives:
+Find and share new values for social integration, break down walls of exclusion.
+Take conscience of the possibilities for Sustainable Open Content Collaboration

How many creations could we find in the world every day that inspire other people?
If you think you are able to create and share inspiration, come to the calling event to become part of this project. Unite forces with artists, researchers, creators and professors:

.With ideas and dreams presented in artworks to be integrated into public spaces
.With special workshops for youth in communities as an integration tool
.With musical participations from renowned artists
.With multiple exhibitions around the globe linked to the project
.With technological and philosophical conferences discussing new ideas of progress
.With the inclusion of visitors as a direct part of the project presentations

We would like to reinforce and expand our team so as to share:
Ideas about Sustainable Open Content Collaboration
Open exchanges of free knowledge

We are openly brainstorming ideas and looking for different perspectives concerning what Values we have today, and how we can enforce new values by integrating people from different social strata and work together into a shared goal:

Conscience of the possibilities of Open Content Collaborations Search for Sustainability

Objectives to focus on within the open calling for collaboration event also include:

. Project Sponsoring.
. Project Sustainability.
.Web development, to interconnect collaborations from the world over via a networking platform (thus also obtaining  an online form of continuity)
. Artist, designers, creators sharing ideas related the project
. Free knowledge sharing, open workshops for youth in communities
. Community skills, re-evaluating the constitution of hierarchies as we know them
. Architects translating the artistic creations into public spaces
. Multilingual Communication in an effort to extend the community trust (translation and proof-reading)
. Team Organisation (definition of roles, horizontal organisation)
. Project Organisation (global linking of the projects)
. Network building (gathering relevant contacts in administration, sponsoring, media, etc.)

If you feel related to these words, if you are a creator, and if you are interested:
We'll be introducing our philosophy of work, along with the artists already involved
and the possibilities for expansion.

For inquiries please contact

Juan Matias Schüttenberg
(+49) 017678195966

Open Design City Market

We have been talking about this for some time and now it's happening. We embrace the DIY Philosophy and we actually live it every day. It is how betahaus occurred: we wanted a special working-space but couldn't afford to buy it or it wasn't on the market yet.  So we just did it ourselves.

In April 2010 we have opened up the ODC where people can try things out and create stuff . ODC-Citizens can show each other how tools work as in peer-to-peer education or we should rather call it amateur-to-amateur education. They say knowledge workers are in need of  more hands-on activities,  so why not build a new fancy lampshade or a better storage for fresh herbs?

On the 24th of July from 2pm-7pm you will find a great setting to let your creativity and inventiveness run wild @ OpenDesignCity Market in betahaus.

Albinoplast will join the ODC-Market. On the “Plastic Playground” they will provide you with enough stones to build everything from rabbits to bridges out of white plastic bricks. You can either buy the material and take your own creation home, set a price for your creation and sell it or buy an already built plastic bricks product at the Albinoplast stand.

We have built the first 'Hanging Gardens' on the of July at the Betahaus Hamburg opening event. Bring some empty Volvic water bottles along and Lisa and Ana will show you how you can decorate your kitchen with the new herbs recipients.

They can be hanging right next to your starch  plastic lampshade - which you can learn to make from your favourite vintage pullover in a workshop with Christopher Doering and Jay Cousins.

Original Brazilian Caipirinha made by Zena, funky disco beats made by our Italian guest DJ and the hot summer weather are just 3 reasons why you should spend the next Saturday afternoon at betahaus.

As the WMP! is on summer vacation fashion & design sellers are welcome to sell their clothes and products. Contact:

Let's make: Hacked Fitness Lockers

Our Friends from Coworking Cologne just posted some very nice pictures of regular Gym Lockers that they hacked a little bit. Now they are serve as a special form of "Office Trolleys" to store office supplies. I thought this would be a nice addition to the Ikea hacked whiteboards, posted over here last week.

At betahaus Berlin personal storage is an important issue since most of the desks are flexible. We do have a couple of lockers already that are frequently used by betahaus people but we would love to come up with a more creative approach. Hacking the Gym - Locker would lead into this direction.

I'd say it's time soon for an office hackday, maybe in the end of June. Let's get through the DMY Maker Fest and some odc-organisational days and workload and schedule a weekend in June to collectively hack the office. A little bit of forechecking: What about the 25th to 26st of June? We do have the Match "Portugal - Brasil" on Friday, but there is a "WM Studio" at betahaus anyway, so we actually could watch the game AND hack the office. ;)

Some more picture from Coworking Cologne and Jack in the Box I guess.

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Talk to you soon,


Let's build: Ikea hacked whiteboard stand

In betahaus we are already looking for the right whiteboard/brainstorming solution for a long time. We need something that is both, light and flexibel plus looks good without being too expensive. It seems, that we found something at Daylight that would serve our need and is easy to bild within Open Design City.

I didn't find the "Benjamin Stool" online at the ikea page, but it seems it was still in this years catalogue. Thus it should be available at the lokal Ikea. Stopping by at modulor should provide the second ingredient, the foam board.

This should be a one day thing that can happen in one of the next weeks or weekends. Anybody in? Please leave a Comment!!

Some additional images that are featured in the original blogpost at daylight below:

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Let's Make: An Arduino Micro Twitterprinter

[caption id="attachment_113" align="alignleft" width="242" caption="Microtprinter by Tom Taylor"][/caption]

For several occasions during the  last year we had the beautiful "Please RT" Twitterprinter by Jens Wunderling at betahaus. If I got it right (and I am not a specialist) technically it is basically a hacked Apple TV connected to a small thermoprinter, monitoring some hastags via a small java application and then spitting out small "receipts" with twitter messages. You can see an example for the prints over here.

Whenever we took the effort to borrow the Apple TV and put everything together, I thought that there must be something easier with less expensive hardware to work with. Talking to Philip about the different Arduino "Shields" we concluded that an Arduino-Powered solution with a wifi-shield for maximum flexibility would the "the thing" for betahaus.

It seems that there are similar things out there and that we just need to put peaces together one of those days. Something is over here at London based Tom Taylors blog, some you can find at Yourneighbours, which are nearly literally our neighbours in Berlin/Kreuzberg. The missing part is up to the Open Design City Crew I guess...

Well, that is what I think about on Saturday Mornings. Just wanted to share.. ;)

See you at ODC this summer!


Let´s make: Rollwagen für Werkzeug

Für den ganzen Kram, der sich so langsam in der City ansammelt, wäre es schön einige Eurokisten und ein paar passende Rollwägen zu haben. Die Kisten kann man günstig kaufen. Die Rollwägen könnte man womöglich selber bauen: Mit einem Rahmen aus gefrästen Sperrholzplatten und Rollen aus zweckentfremdeten Tennisbällen. Wer macht mit?


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