Enable Session VII: A Visual Search

Imagine a way to easily map and search for curious spots in your city based on any interest or information…
Imagine instant updates, past, present and future events portrayed visually…
Imagine new ways to link and compare different perspectives of the city…
We are interested in creating dynamic new way of visualising our city – a user-generated online map, that can be added to and searchable by time, space, and participants


Visualization from the book City Crawlers by Your Neighbours

We are looking to map and visualize data and info online. We are trying to develop new ways of browsing through all the information available in the web.

And we are looking for anybody that is interested in it and would like to share some ideas.

The session VII will take place at Open Design City. Wednesday 3rd of November at 19:30

(thermo)cutting soft foam!

Lately we've been playing a lot with the Foam Cutter and @christophevaillant CNC setup to cut Styrofoam. @christophevaillant showed me how to use this clever fusion of machinery, and yesterday we tried out some black soft PU foam (the one you find in some packagings, mattresses and chair seats). It's meant to be part of a packaging prototype I'm working on.  Here is the result! It works really well. Maybe a hint for further experiments?


Betabook Project

A form of publication adequate to its topic: the Open Design City as a perfect example of this new social, economical and political behavior: the co-working.

I propose to start the project of an open book, a book in process which will grow progressively by the gathering of different materials. First on line, then through regular micro “objectations” : a publication not under the form of a booklet or magazine but under the form of objects, able to awake curiosity of people towards the Betabook on line, the future  Betabook offline and the different “rendez-vous” it will impulse in ODC.

I start it with the tool, the machine I put in ODC since one week: the philosophical approach and its production of concepts but I AM CALLING FOR PARTICIPATION other knowledge, other approaches and modalities of expression needed in such a betabook process.

If you want to join it by a work of photographer, video maker, spontaneous interviewer or of analyst also interested in these problematic that you can observe in the world: please contact me: louiscamille@kompost.me

Read here the 1stODCphilosophicaltext

one week later

Open Design City Open Materials Lab

The Open Design City Open Materials Lab is an ongoing exploration into Open Materials and processes generated by Christopher Doering and Jay Cousins.

Open Design for us is as much about accessibility as it is about permission to duplicate. Therefore the Open Materials Lab is focussed on creating materials and processes which are accessible in use, production and sourcing.  Because the production processes are open it is easy to modify material properties, and to assess the sustainability of the process as a whole. Whilst most of our processes are home focussed, we see this as a stepping stone towards more industrial open production. We want to give people the opportunity to produce their own products, and to engage in the joy of making.

Our initial material explorations have been focussed on Starch Plastic (fka bioplastic) and creating a community and incentives to solve some of the problems associated with the material. Through this we have developed deep insights into the material properties (which we must document better), and a line of open products.

It was our forays into Starch Plastic, which brought us together with a community, which then formed to create a larger event, and create Open Design City.

Everything we have done so far has been for free. However we need your support to continue our work. You can support us by buying our products through our shop, attending workshops (published on Open Design City), hiring us to do a workshop, adopting our processes and supporting the cause with a donation from profits, sponsor us or simply donate. Contact Jay Cousins, or Chris Doering for details.

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ODC is open Monday–Friday from
10–19h (betahaus rates apply)

Free and open DIY nights:
Every Monday from 19h.

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