Member Offer: Major Laser Discount

No doubt for some of you, the possibilities of Lasers are now opening up after our experimentation with DIY Lasering.

Well now the opportunity to experiment further has just opened up for Open Design City Members. From 1 EU per minute you can produce prototypes at Lasern (just around the corner from Open Design City).

This offer is exclusive to Open Design City Members, and is only for non commercial use (i.e. prototyping and experimentation). You can cut, Wood (up to 10mm), Plexiglass (up to 15 mm), Paper, Cardboard, Fabrics, Leather, PS, PP, PET, and a host of other materials (But no metal and no PVC). This is a very good deal.

Maximum size is 950 x 600 mm

If you want to take advantage of this offer then drop by ODC and we'll give you a member slip that you can take over to Martin.

If anyone else wants to offer our members sweet deals then please send us a mail.

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ODC salon: Neal Gorenflo/Future of Money Double Bill

Change is in the Air, a new culture is emerging. Individuals, communities and organisations are questioning the existing Economic Frameworks and social systems.

In this double bill, Open Design City is proud to present in association with Exbuero. Two provocative presentations telling stories from the other side.

The first - the Future of Money, a crowdsourced film by emergence collective (full disclosure, I am involved), addresses the changing face of value away from the usual critique of the existing system, instead focusing on new emerging economic formats.

Neal Gorenflo from (all the way from San Francisco) will then elaborate on the new culture of sharing, exploring evidence of this emerging culture, what it means and it's origins.

Afterwards you can take the time to expand on the discussion yourselves.

If you're interested in Free Culture/Open Culture/Sustainability or alternatives to the existing economy, then this event is a must attend.

Event is Free. See below for further details of Neal's presentation.

new sharing economy

The first wave of Internet innovation helped people connect to information. The second
connected people to each other. The next is about connecting people to stuff. This could
be the biggest shift yet. The organizing principles of the Internet are now restructuring
our material world moving us rapidly from an ownership to an access economy.

Now along with our information services on demand from the cloud, we can get use
of cars (ZipCar), bikes (Capital Bikeshare), accommodations (Couchsurfing), parking
spaces (ParkatmyHouse), boats (ShareZen), planes, kids clothes, workspace (coworking),
luxury handbags (Avelle), and much more.

The confluence of the web, real-time location aware mobile technologies, economic and
environmental crisis, and the first web-native generation coming of age has created a
perfect storm for sharing in the real world.

This is the change we need. With a peer-based, sharing economy comes cost savings,
stronger communities, environmental conservation, broader access to resources, and
higher quality products made for sharing. Sharing addresses many problems at once - an
appropriate solution for an era of interconnected crises.

In this month’ s salon, we’ re featuring Neal Gorenflo, publisher of Shareable Magazine
and co-producer with Latitude Research of a new report on the sector, The New Sharing
Economy, who will talk about this transformation, why it’ s happening, the role of design

and technology, and the opportunities in the space. I hope you will join us.

Event will begin at 19.00 on 4th November in Betahaus (as we have a sewing workshop in parallel at ODC). This event is kindly supported by Exbuero.

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ODC Basic: Electronics

LEDs in different casings.
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Philip Steffan offers:

An introduction into basic electronics for everyone, on Thursday 7th October, 19.00-21.00:

- Quick recap: Electricity and circuits
- Cheap and easy to use electronic parts
- Enhancing your stuff with blinking things
- Prototyping and soldering
- Smart electronics and (so called) Physical Computing

Forgot what they told you in school about electronics? Want to learn
how to build little circuits for fun? Our basic Electronics course for
everyone shows you how to handle the most common parts like LEDs and
transistors and how to combine them. We'll also have a lookout on
building smart circuits with programmable micro controllers like the
Arduino. (There will be a separate class focusing on the latter.)

This is the first of our ODC Basic courses, over the coming weeks we will be offering this format as a regular event, giving you the opportunity to teach/learn the basics of any craft. If you want to schedule your own basic's event, or request one why not come to our Events Event.

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