Rubbish = Resource: Waste based innovation in 2030

On the 21st November between 14.00 and 19.00 at Open Design City, you are invited to participate in an event that will bring together thinkers and doers to create and explore futures in which Cradle to Cradle, Upcycling and Open Design have flourished.

How will processes and approaches such as Cradle to Cradle, Upcycling, and Open Design affect how we innovate with waste? How will these changes affect our daily lives?

Cradle to Cradle and Upcycling processes both view waste as a resource for production and creation, but from different perspectives and approaches as to how to achieve this. Open Design is potentially an enabler for both processes, facilitating the distribution of these behaviors and also the sharing of knowledge and process.

In this workshop, we will share our knowledge on different processes, and then explore together what the world looks like in 2030 in light of these emerging trends. We will use the resources of Open Design City to prototype and articulate these visions.

This workshop will be in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research. Our aim is to bring together a range of researchers, radical thinkers, activists and practitioners from the fields of Open Design, Cradle to Cradle and Upcyling together for one day to build a vision for the future.

We will provide you with good food, a space to explore and create, and other interesting people with which to explore and innovate.

Spaces on this workshop are limited, so please email us, along with a little bit about yourself to reserve a space.

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Upcyle it! - Wood workshop

Upcylcle it! – Wood workshop
14 – 19 h

with Kulturlabor Trial&Error

Come and convert street wood to furniture, make hybrid chairs from old ones and experiment with vacuum forming plastic.

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Open Design City "Make Your Own" Market

On Saturday 18th September from 14:00 - 18:00 you can come to Open Design City and Buy or Make your own handmade goods. Our Stall Holders will be offering great handmade goods, made with love in Berlin and in Open Design City. Workshops will take place throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to create your own products, learn new skills and above all enjoy yourselves.

To book a table/ offer a workshop please contact Daniela

Update: So far we have the following happening on Saturday, tell all your freinds and help make Saturday a day to remember.

Splatter Designs

Make your own:
Screen printed products using silkscreen, printing, and cut and paste collage techniques. Experimenting with upcycling of old clothing and other waste to create new fashions.

Choose from Splatter Designs own range of screen printed products using silkscreen, printing, and cut and paste collage techniques.
Cassettes Delight:

Make your own:
Jens has collected a lot of those analogue sound mediums we used to listen to, and is now giving you the opportunity to give them new life by upcycling.

Choose from a range of upcycled lights, made in ODC by Jens' fair hand
Open Design City

Make your own:
Alex and Christophe will show you how to design your own custom styrofoam cut outs on Christophe's amazing self built machine.

Choose from a range of precut signs and desktop symbols for analogue communication

Judith Meijer

Make your own:
Upcycle tobacco pouches out of washing powder bags and badges out of
old receipts and U-Bahn tickets...together with other rubbish.

Choose from Judith's range of existing designs

Trial and Error Kulturlabor and Alice Morey

Make your own/Market:
No idea what these girls are going to do, but I can guarantee it will involve upcycling and fun.

Open Design City part 2.

Make your own:
Cook your own lampshades and bowls, bring an old sweater and turn it into a beautiful product for your home.

Starch plastic lamps and bowls

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P.s. Big thanks to our intern Alex Spiliopoulos for a kick arse sign


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