TRASH OF THE MONTH >FOOD< During the 3rd of November the...


During the 3rd of November the basement of our new homebase at Open Design City -Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20- got transformed for ‘THE TRASH OF THE MONTH’: Our monthly network event for old and new friends.

Every month we focus on one particular kind of TRASH to create a programme around and exchange visions, this month we chosen FOOD WASTE and the impact it has of social economical structures. We hosted a lecture about dumpsterdiving, a food swap, a screening of a documentary about food waste and a discussion about social, environmental and sustainable solutions.


Where does your food come from? If might travelled for thousands of miles after being carefully handed by farmers and/ or packed in specially design packaging before ending up in your stomach. Every foods has it’s story and it’s value but unfortunately this is not always recognised. Too often food unnecessary end up in the trash; fruits and vegetables might have the wrong shape or form, packaging are produced poorly and failed to do the job, the ‘best before date’ is expired and gets confused with ‘no longer edible’ and over production and consumption - as part of the ever growing demand illusion- takes over whilst people in developing countries are starving. Good food gets thrown out in restaurants, shops and in many households and the saving of left overs gets seen as something unnecessary. There is enough, I have money to buy fresh so why safe? Look past your own world.

The film we watched is called ‘Die Grosse Lebensmittelverschendung’ and can be found here:


Do you find this important? Join the Buy Nothing Day Action » 26th of November  » 16:00 -22:00 

Streetplayers, Donaustrasse 158 » Neukölln, Berlin

With a big communal VOKU featuring dumpsterd goodies, the screening of the film ‘TASTE THE WASTE’ and the exchange of experience about Community Supported Agriculture that for example gets implemented at ‘Löwengarten’ where the farmer Simon works together with 180 cooperators connected to 8 communities …and more fun shares!  


There is nothing more political then the food you eat!

Photos by: Sandra Wiesthal & Kay Strasser

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